Monday, January 17, 2011

Here goes.

      First entry of the blog, but definately not a new start! First things first, I've wanted to be thinner since the first time I was ever called fat by one of those mean girls in high school. Being 5'2 and not having the greatest metabolism to start with, it's hard to keep shape.. Right now I'm at my highest weight: somewhere around 142 lbs, my lowest being 118 when I went to Peru and hardly ate anything for 10 days (tourista was my horrible friend...).

      Basically, I really need support, or at least people that read what I have to say so I can stay motivated and get a hold of myself, because seriously, I'm way WAY off track right now. I took the first step by getting myself a membership at the gym, hallelujah. Now I really have to keep reminders to actually go at least 4 times a week, or else I shall attempt to litterally kick myself in the ass... -_-

      I cant wait to read what you all have to say girls. I have done some research at my local library and got some photocopies of books about juice fasting and motivation for weight loss, which are all really interesting and I'm looking forward to posting them online for you :) I hope it will help !

      Alright, tomorrow I shall be going to the gym in the morning and then I'll be leaving for college to get my schedule !! Can't wait to see how much shit I will have to do... Bleh. Foodwise, I need to take it slow for now, 'cause any major change I make under impulse ends up being a disaster. Slow baby steps is the way I'm doing it until I feel like I need to push myself a bit more.

 See you soon,
       -Abigail xox

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