Thursday, January 27, 2011

And what if I'm not trying hard enough?

      I'm back, lovelies. I had a shitty until dinner last few days. I always pull it off great until dinner, because I am always eating with SOMEONE. Family, boyfriend, friends... And it's not even about looking suspicious because I am not eating enough, it's more about not being able to help myself, seeing all of those people eating abundantly.

      I really need to find a way to control myself at dinner. It really is the only problem during the day, and it is enough to fuck up any plan for losing weight. I haven't lost since last time because of this. I really have NO IDEA what to do to get rid of this. Help?

      College has been really fun so far! At least something positive. Sincke I've changed programs, I only have five classes (instead of eight!!) so I can take it easy. Yesterday I had no classes at all, which is awesome cause I can sleeeeeeeeeep. Tuesdays I have French Litterature and Art History classes. Later today (at noon) I only have Philosophy. Then tomorrow I only have part 2 of French Litterature. So I,ve been having fun at school, I have a couple of classes with friends which is great. Eating at school is incredibly easy. I mean, I really don't eat all that much. First of all I actually forget to eat, and second of all, the food is disgusting, and nothing is vegetarian. Thanks, cafeteria!

      Anyway, I am starting school at noon, so I'll have a small breakfast, probably granola, strawberries and yogurt all mixed up (soooo good) And then I'll try not to eat until dinner. If I have to, fruit.

      My great dane puppy is snoring and it is the most adorable thing, girls.

      Lots of love,

             -Abigail xox

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  1. Lovely pictures!
    I fully understand the "until dinner" problem. I can go all day without eating, but am always made to have dinner because of my family. And sometimes it can be so hard to stay strong!
    You just have to find the strength to stop eating! Chew really slowly, and drink lots. It'll drag it out so that you don't stop eating before everyone else, and it'll allow you to feel when you're full or had enough.
    Also, I find downing a bottle of diet coke (or another low-cal fizzy drink) right before dinner makes me full so I don't eat much. :)
    Stay strong sweetie! x