Sunday, January 23, 2011

You've changed, you've changed, you've changed, your mind's been rearranged

      Yeah. These last days have been so-so foodwise. Like, normal. Like what a normal person would eat. I don't like normal, normal is lame. So, anyway, tomorrow I'm starting school once again! Quite excited I must say :) I'm a bit scared of what it will do to me, all of the work and the changing schedule, what it will do to my daily plannings and how I eat. It seemed quite easy until now to eat little, since on vacation I would wake up around 12h00. Yeah, lazy ass, I know. Oh well.

      So I'm planning on eating only fruit until around noon (eating only fruit for breakfast and not eating anything else until lunch is apparently paradise for your level of energy during the rest of the day, so I shall try). Then I will have a small soup, and around dinner I will try having only a plate of salad. Snack wise, only fruit is allowed. This may sound much to some of you stronger girls out there, but I'm only at the beginning and I really have to take baby steps so I don't suffer a face plant...

      Toms is Badminton at 8h00, followed by English Litterature from 10h00 to 1h00. Then I am done! Nice day isn't it:) That gives me plenty of time to study and exercise.

      Lots of love,
            -Abigail xox

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  1. Hope your plan went well, my sweet. And yes, we are the ones in control, and we'll be able to make the judgements disappear. :)
    Your blog is the favourite thing I've looked at today! I love the pictures so so much, so please keep them up!
    And I have that jumper in the header of your blog! But my goodness, it doesn't look like that on me.
    Stay strong, lovely <3